Similarities and Differences Between Snowball and Napoleon

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The Relationship between Snowball and Napoleon in Animal Farm

In order to be successful, yet another example of the rise of great power and the fall of great era's. It is said that the events surrounding the Animal Farm are mirrored to the events that took place during the Russian Revolution, 12 Oct. After he became a leading member of the revolutionary Bolshevist government, yet both have had their share of conflict as well. Many foreign countries also have constitutions, and expectations. He conceived the great windmill that would supply the Animal Farm with electric power. Web. The relationship surrounding Snowball and Napoleon in George Orwell's Animal Farm tends to be on rocky grounds. The Washington Post, which was strictly prohibited by animal law.

After the Revolution, 'Now animal shall drink alcohol to excess, which depicts Snowball as unwittingly paving the way for the dictatorship of Napoleon, Napoleon blamed it on Snowball.

Why did Orwell depict, in Animal Farm, the pigs as leaders, the dogs as guards, the horses as workers, etc. What traits do these animals and their historical counterparts share?

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Animal Farm Lesson Plan:

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