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It all depends on how you take a hold on life. It may be true that we have equal legal opportunities (though this is questionable in my mind), it is clear that not all individuals (even within a given social class) have the same opportunity to succeed. For some people it takes more effort and work for them to successful. For example just recently in the news a senior in high school was HOMELESS, we can say that we have equal opportunities? If you are born into a family with a lot of money and connections with people, and it does not necessarily need to be indicative of wealth. First, we don't have all have an equal chance in life. I believe that a majority of people may Lives Of American Women able to agree with me about there being 'no' equal opportunity for success in life because you need to take into account tragedies or events that have occurred in the past where African Americans and Women were mistreated and led to believe that they were to be submissive.

It may be that we all have the Gun Education legal opportunities to succeed in the United States. It may be true that we have equal legal opportunities (though this is questionable in my mind), a lot of people still don't have the right time or tools to help them succeed. Private schools are selective so theres a lot of school pride and dedicated teachers. In the US, you might believe that type of lifestyle s fine.

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