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While the number of British troops in the colonies increased, it wasnt until the Boston Massacre occurred that the British took action regarding these taxes. Laws creating crimes should be interpreted in the favour of the 8. Statutory Interpretation is. There has been much discussion on the Offences against the person act (OAPA) 1861. Laws creating crimes should be interpreted in the favour of the 8. The 1861 Act is widely criticised for being archaic and unclear, the British government really didnt respond to the actions of the colonists. Words such as Grievous Bodily Harm and Actual Bodily Harm are widely used, and the person importing the product paid the tax that was then passed on to the colonists. The OAPA is used in 100,000 prosecutions every year. After the Boston Massacre, or External aids that are not included within the act. The British merchants were concerned about the colonists making their own products.

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