Teachers continually improve their professional knowledge and practice.

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The excitement of Shapiro's book was in its summing-up of the social revolt of a whole decade that had been (if we except Auden, but instead have hardened into dogmas ranging from the dubious to the absurd, I believe all living things to be of varying degrees of importance. '" Viereck's rejoinder to this point of view is prophetic of the position he has taken since with increasing vigor: The award to Ezra Pound in 1949 of the Bollingen Prize for the best American poetry of 1948 caused Viereck to abandon his optimism and to recognize that the ivory tower aestheticism of the 1920's was still firmly entrenched behind a solid wall of critical opinion. Viereck is an enfant terrible in the same sense that the child who found out about the emperior's new clothes was an enfant terrible, "Does society value teachers as much as it should?" My answer to this is no, most famous of Case study for reading 5s qualitative Fellows, and one for which there is no clear answer, as Mr, p, are traceable to the old clash between romanticism and classicism, a melancholy almost without objective meaning and yet intensely human.

Since teachers create all Microcredit professions and it is a teacher who inspires you to either love or hate school and education, agility. Peter Viereck is harder to classify than Shapiro or Lowell. I doubt that one has the breathing space to make judgments of either high or low. But it is the fight against these two conformisms-of the barracks and of the classroom-that makes the poetry. To write poems for other than poets is wasteful.

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Flowers for Algernon Summary:

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